Your desire to marry in Church is your invitation to Christ to be at the heart of your union. Through this Sacrament, Christ will be with you, not only on the day of your marriage, but all the days of your lives together.  We wish you every blessing and happiness, and hope you will find the following information helpful in your preparation for marriage.

To arrange your wedding in any of the Parish Churches please contact Colette at the Parish Office.

Requirement to give Three Months Written Notification
Both parties are required to give three months notice to the priest of the parish. Section 32 of the Family Act 1995 requires any person marrying on or after 1st August 1996, to give three months written notification.

Pre Marriage Courses
Pre-marriage preparation courses help you as a couple to explore the many challenges of married life, and help you to deepen your relationship. Pre-marriage courses are organised in every Diocese by ACCORD, the Catholic Marriage Care Service. Booking can be made through the Central Office 01 4780866, Swords office, Seatown Road, Swords, Co. Dublin 01 8404550 or visit www.gettingmarried.ie. 

Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates - You must produce Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates – obtained from parishes in which you were Baptised.
Letters of Freedom – A statement from the Parish Priest of your home parish or from the parish that you currently reside in stating that you have not been married already.
Papal Blessing – Can be ordered in Veritas. These need to be arranged at least three months prior to your wedding. The Best Man should bring both it and the wedding rings to the Church on the wedding day.
For marriage outside of State – Contact Dept of Foreign Affairs for procedural arrangements. 

The Wedding Booklet
Our advice is keep it simple. Excellent template can be found on www.catholicireland.net 

The Marriage Ceremony 
You and your fiancé are the ministers of the Sacrament of marriage.  So make the day a day to treasure. Give yourselves plenty of time to prepare the wedding liturgy. Select from the Rite of Marriage, Scripture Readings, Psalms and Prayers of the Faithful which have a particular meaning for you.  

Church Etiquette
Due respect must be given for the Marriage Ceremony. We ask that photographs, flower arrangements and music are in accord with the main occasion. Payment to the Church contribution €200., which covers the priest and €50 for the Sacristan (Total €250)

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