"Our Parish strives to create a positive and caring community for the people of Swords, one that engages all ages and nationalities in providing support to each other, in an environment enriched by deepening faith, and drawing on more effective Parish structures and resources."

Strategic Plan 
The Parish Council has adopted a strategic plan which encompasses many different strands and activities in support of our Parish Vision for the future. Through its seven sub-committees a balanced program of work is systematically progressing, focusing equally in spiritual and practical areas.  

Our spiritual and community support efforts have resulted in the introduction of a Family Mass programme, the establishment of new Parish Child Protection processes, increased focus on the visitation of parishioners who are unwell, and a Christmas presence of our Folk Group in the Pavillions Shopping Centre. Also, a Liturgy Committee, which assists the priests in developing Services for special occasions, has been added alongside the Parish Council.

A Progressive Parish 
On the practical side in 2006 we re-established a Parish Office, introduced a new Parish Logo, strengthened our Finance Committee, and took ownership of adjoining properties in North Street to begin work on a Parish Centre which is intended to become a vibrant part of our community and be our legacy to future generations. Since then, the location has been changed to the site of the Parochial House on Seatown Road (See Parish Projects page for more details). In addition, we have completed a Parish Canvass, have created an initial register of skills in the Parish, and progressed a number of small improvement works in the chapel.

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Our Schools
The aim of our National Schools is to provide a caring, learning environment which facilitates the nurturing of each pupil's full educational potential. The achievement of this aim includes religious instruction where children can obtain the Sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

St. Colmcille's Girls N.S.

Chapel Lane
Co. Dublin
01 840 4168

St.Colmcille’s Girls' National School is a welcoming and inclusive community under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. 

As a Catholic school in partnership with parents, teachers and parish, we seek to create a community inspired by Gospel values which are enshrined in all school policies.

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St. Colmcille's Boy's N.S

Chapel Lane
Swords Co.
Dublin 01
840 5132

The aim of our school is to provide a caring, learning environment which facilitates the nurturing of each pupil's full educational potential.  The achievement of this aim informs all of the planning processes and activities which occur in our school. 

Teachers and parents are partners in the children's education, with co-operation and communication between home and school being vital ingredients in the educational process.  We share the same aim - the well-being of the children in our care.

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Scoil on Duinnínigh

Feltrim Road
Co. Dublin
01 840 9640

Scoil an Duinnínigh was established in 1986 as an Irish-language medium primary school under the patronage of the Archbishop, in a pre-fabricated classroom in Pobal Scoil Íosa, Malahide, with 1 teacher and 14 children. Scoil an Duinnínigh has gone from strength to strength and is now permanently established in Drynam, Swords. 

Is é an mana atá ag ár scoil ná: 'Mol an Óige agus Tiocfaidh sí'
Our school motto is: 'Praise the youth and they will blossom'

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Student’s Prayer – Exam Time 
Lord, I have knowledge, so will you show me how to use it wisely and find a way to make the world I live in a better place, and make life with its problems a bit easier to face.
May I ever be aware in all that I do that knowledge come from learning and wisdom comes from you.
Loving God be with me now, as I prepare for my exams.
Thank you for the many talents and gifts You have given me and for the opportunity of education.
Calm my nerves and anxiety,
help me to remember all that I have studied, to express it clearly and to answer the questions the very best that I can.
Holy Spirit, be with me in my exam – and always.
In Jesus’ name.

Parents Prayer – Exam Time
The following is a prayer for parents to help them, as they try to support their child through the stress of these exams.

Dear Lord,
I pray for my child and all students about to sit exams.
Help them to keep calm and clear-minded.
Fill them with your peace so that they may be able to make best use of their abilities, the study they have done and the education they have been blessed with.
Do not let the burden of fear and nervousness prevent them from doing as well as they deserve.
However, teach them not to measure their self-worth by the mark they receive but rather by the effort they put in.
Guide their footsteps when they walk alone, but help them also to be there for each other, supporting and encouraging in the truest spirit of friendship.
Lord, bless everyone today who has given of themselves to these students on their journey, teachers, family, friends and fellow classmates.
Teach them to be thankful, that despite the stress and worry that exams bring, they have this opportunity that many young people all over the world are deprived of.
May the light of Jesus shine gently on them now and during any difficult times they might face on their journey through life.

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