Lord, in you may I find strength when I am weak,
Protection when frightened.
Turn my anxiety into joy.

On the First Friday of each month, the priests of the parish make their visits to the sick and housebound.  If you would like a visit from a priest, please contact Colette in the Parish Office. 

Jesus brought his healing word and touch to many people during his short ministry in Palestine. He cured many, gave sight to the blind and restored peace to troubled hearts. His acts of healing pointed to a time when God would wipe away all tears and sorrow in his kingdom of everlasting peace. 

Please contact any of the Priest's or Sister's of the Parish if any of your family or loved ones is seriously ill.

One of the seven sacraments is for the care of the sick. The anointing of the sick is the action of Christ today touching afflicted ones. Through his minister, the priest, he reaches out to console and strengthen the sick in their time of need. He invites the sick to join him in his sufferings for the sake of humankind. 

The Church continues the healing ministry of Jesus in prayer and action. The care of the sick has always been high on the community’s list at home and even more dramatically, abroad on the missions. Some religious orders devote all their energies to the sick.  

Please remember those who are sick in your prayers.

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In Pain
Lord you have known pain
I am hurting and a little scared
I have asked, but as yet I see no answer
Give me strength and patience in my weakness
As I join my sufferings to yours.

Before surgery 
Lord, you are the Divine Healer
Give success to the hands of the surgeon
And to all who assist
Renew my health
As I place myself in your loving care.

Home Care and Nursing Homes 
Let us remember our brothers and sisters
who need to be cared for
We remember them in our prayers and
we pray that they will cope with their new environment.

Please give family members and friends
courage to visit their loved ones, O Lord.

In Recovery 
Lord, may I always remember to thank you
May I be a little bit better each day.